Think-It-Project Managment

General Staffing Services

ThinkITPM can assist with your Non-IT Staffing Needs:


We help businesses and organizations in various industries to hire accounting professionals that suit their needs and culture. Our candidates are qualified and experienced in various areas of accounting, including public accounting, forensic accounting, financial management, managerial accounting, bookkeeping, financial analysis, tax preparation, and more.

We have candidates with different levels of academic qualifications, including bachelor’s and master’s degree holders. So, whether you need a temporary accountant for a short-term project or a permanent staff member, we can help you find the right candidate for your organization.


We also offer engineering staffing solutions for organizations of different sizes and in different sectors. We can help you get the best engineering talent in fields including mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics, automotive, and more. All the candidates we shortlist are experienced in various aspects of engineering, from design and development to project management and quality assurance.

Our goal is to help you find the engineers that fit your business needs and culture, whether it’s for a temporary project or a permanent engineering role.


We will help your business hire competent and reliable clerical/office staff. We understand that most companies require diverse skill sets to effectively manage tasks such as customer service, reception, data entry, and file management. Our extensive network of candidates comprises individuals who possess a vast array of experience and expertise in clerical and office work.

Our office/clerical candidates are adept in a multitude of areas, including answering phones, managing files, scheduling appointments, and much more. So, whether your company requires temporary or permanent staff, we can match you with suitable candidates who can meet your unique business needs and culture.

Customer Service

We also help businesses hire customer service staff that can fit into a wide range of positions, including call center representatives and customer service representatives. All our candidates are skilled and have plenty of experience in managing customer inquiries, resolving customer issues, and providing excellent customer service.

You can also choose to hire them on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on what suits your business and budget. We have candidates with different levels of education, allowing you to choose those that fit into your academic requirements.


We also have candidates with receptionists’ skills and experience. They can fit into a range of positions, from front desk receptionists to executive assistants. These candidates have the experience and skills to handle most basic office tasks, including managing phone systems, scheduling appointments, greeting clients, and providing administrative support.

They also have excellent communication skills and a positive attitude, ensuring a welcoming environment for your clients and any other visitors that come to your business premises. If you’re searching for reliable receptionists that will give your business the image it deserves, we got you covered.

File Clerks

Our file clerk candidates can handle a wide range of office tasks, including document scanning, records clerk tasks, file room coordination, and more. These candidates also have skills and experience in managing paper and electronic records, organizing files, and ensuring accurate documentation.

We also ensure that all our file clerk candidates have strong attention to detail and a thorough understanding of record-keeping procedures.

Data Entry

If you have data entry tasks, we have a candidate who can fit into a range of positions, including data entry operators and data analysts. Our candidates have the skills and experience to handle most of the common data entry tasks, including typing, verifying and updating information, and managing databases.

Among the criteria we consider when screening our candidates include paying attention to detail and a thorough understanding of data entry procedures. Our data entry candidates are also willing to work on a temporary or permanent basis.

Administrative Assistants

If you’re overwhelmed with several office tasks, we can help you hire the right people to help you out. We have administrative assistant candidates who can fit into a wide range of positions, including executive assistants, office managers, and project coordinators. They also have skills and plenty of experience in managing administrative tasks, including managing calendars, scheduling meetings, coordinating travel, and managing projects.

Excellent organizational skills and dependability are among the crucial attributes we pay attention to when screening candidates for this role.


Secretarial work is crucial to the operations of any business, no matter the size or industry. If your company needs secretaries, we can help you get the best candidates who can take on a range of positions, including legal secretaries, medical secretaries, and executive secretaries. Our candidates are skilled and experienced in managing administrative tasks, including drafting correspondence, managing calendars, scheduling appointments, and transcribing dictation.

We also ensure that all the shortlisted candidates have excellent communication and organizational skills and are highly adaptable. We put emphasis on these attributes because they’re crucial to the performance and productivity of anyone playing a secretarial role in an organization.

Payroll Clerks

Payroll clerks help organizations to accurately and timely process employee payroll, including calculating wages, deductions, and taxes and preparing payroll reports. If you are searching for payroll clerks, we have several candidates who can handle various payroll-related tasks, including payroll processing and coordinating.

All our candidates have enough experience and skills to handle most payroll tasks, including calculating wages, deducting taxes and benefits, and preparing payroll reports. We also assess attributes such as accuracy in managing financial records, proficiency in using payroll software, and ability to work with confidential information when screening candidates for this role.


Effective bookkeeping enables businesses to keep accurate financial records, track their income and expenses, and make informed decisions based on their financial position. If your business lacks bookkeepers, we have several candidates that can take on a wide range of positions, including full-charge bookkeepers, accounts payable specialists, and accounts receivable specialists.

All the candidates we shortlist have the required skills and expertise to handle basic and complex bookkeeping tasks, including managing accounts, reconciling bank statements, and preparing financial reports. We also ensure they pay strong attention to detail and are highly accurate in managing financial records since these are crucial bookkeeping attributes.

Call Center

We help businesses hire call center staff to handle all incoming or outgoing telephone calls on behalf of the organization. Our call center candidates can take on a range of positions, including customer service representatives, telemarketers, and call center managers. We also ensure they have the experience and expertise to handle customer inquiries, provide excellent customer service, and manage all the other call center operations.